Sobre Charles Bernstein

Poeta e professor, nascido em 1950 em Nova Iorque, onde vive, é uma das principais forças das letras norte-americanas. Autor de vários livros de poesia e de crítica literária, é o co-fundador e co-editor de PennSound, o maior arquivo de leituras de poetas do mundo todo e do pioneiro Electronic Poetry Center. No Brasil, publicou o livro Histórias da guerra em 2008. Para ele, “a poesia é alguma coisa em longo prazo”. Nome de alcance mundial, ele afirma que o melhor suporte para sua poesia é o diálogo: “Tenho tido a sorte, desde quase o primeiro momento, de contar com bons companheiros”.

Poetics of the Americas

The tension between universality and locality is not simply a deformation or an embryonic phase of group consciousness to be shed at maturity. As against the positive expressivity of nation language I would speak of the negative dialectics of ideolect, where ideolect would mark those poetic sites of contest between the hegemonic and the subaltern, […]

Leslie Scalapino’s Rhythmic Intensities

Leslie Scalapino’s Rhythmic Intensities Scalapino Memorial Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church New York, June 21, 2010   The poet dies, the poet’s work is borne by her readers. When I first encountered Leslie Scalapino’s work I was hard hit by its psychic intensity, formal ingeniousness, and rhythmic imagination. I felt I came to […]

Samuel Greenberg & Grammatic Truth

Samuel Greenberg “Strangeness was becoming an awe of interest” — “Between Historical Life” (p. 110, 1947 edn.) “O what I would give for the knowledge of grammatic truth” —“Between Historical Life” (p. 116, 1947 edn.) Samuel Greenberg – a second-wave moderist poet – was born in Vienna in 1893 and died of tuberculosis in New […]

A Test of Poetry

“A Test of Poetry” was written in 1992 and published in My Way: Speeches and Poems (University of Chicago Press, 1999). The poem is based on a letter from the Chinese scholar Ziquing Zhang, who translated poems from Rough Trades and The Sophist for Selected Language Poems (Chengdu, China: Sichuan Literature and Art Publishing House, 1993); quotations from the poems are italicized.

A Note on Charles Olson’s “The Kingfishers” for Arkaddi Dragomoschenko’s Translation

[Arkadii Dragomoshchenko asked me to write a commentary on “The Kingfishers” for his new Russian translation (forthcoming, 2009). PennSound features a sound file of Olson reading most of “The Kingfishers” (6:31); the poem can be found on-line here.]
Olson’s “The Kingfisher’s” is an inaugural poem of postwar American poetry and it takes its place of honor at the opening of Don Allen’s defining anthology, The New American Poetry.

Learn about Portuguese language

1.1. The Romanic Portuguese The Portuguese language, which evolved from spoken Latin, developed on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula (now Portugal and the Spanish province of Galicia) included in the province the Romans called Lusitania . When the Romans invaded the peninsula in 218 B.C., the people living in the region adopted Latin, […]


Resumen ejecutivo En diciembre del 2008 se cumplirán 10 años desde la elección de Hugo Chávez como presidente de Venezuela. El Presidente Chávez fue elegido con el compromiso de reformar el profundamente desacreditado sistema político venezolano. Su primer logro importante, la sanción de una nueva Constitución en 1999, fue una oportunidad extraordinaria para que el […]

Enough, Bush!

In these difficult times, let us not draw away from our poetics in an attempt to redress the ominous possibilities of future U.S. government policies or the onerous effects of current government policies. As poets, we need to pursue our own forms of ethical and aesthetic response rather than engage in the sort of pronouncement […]

WAR STORIES / Histórias da Guerra

Charles Bernstein e Régis Bonvicino War is the extension of prose by other means. A guerra é a extensão da prosa por outros meios. War is never having to say you’re sorry. A guerra é jamais ter que pedir desculpas. War is the logical outcome of moral certainty. A guerra é a conseqüência lógica da […]