Looking over My Shoulder: Roof at 35

I started ROOF Magazine at Naropa Institute in the summer of 1976 at the insistence of Allen Ginsberg and Tom Savage. Tom originally suggested documenting the exciting events that were taking place there. ROOF was how I conceived of sheltering all the different writing tendencies. The first issue of ROOF Magazine included many of America’s […]

Tagmosis/Prosody (Connecting Parataxis)

In Reagan’s hands, taxation became ‘confiscation,’ attempts to solve social problems became ‘costly social experiments,’ regulation of market failures became ‘economic tinkering. In Boehner’s hands negotiation becomes a weakness, proved because Obama changes his position to accommodate his own idea of negotiation as flexibility. Voters accept the outright lies of politicians. Absurd extensions of partial facts are believable once the speaker establishes the appropriate connection between abstraction and fact.