Recalculating by Charles Bernstein

Charles Bernstein expresses the aesthetics of Recalculating, his first collection of new poetry in seven years, partially through his translations — not necessarily through how he translates the works, but from what he translates. Lots of Baudelaire, including “Be Drunken” and “Venereal Muse,” and poems by Osip Mandelstam, Apollinaire, Catulus, and the more obscure Velimir Khlebnikov and Regis Bonvicino. Poems of darkness and daring, with the absolute thrust of “Catulus 85” and the Dada sound transformation of Khlebnikov’s “Incantation by Laughter.” Those familiar with Bernstein’s sometimes-confrontational criticism will see a direct connection between what he argues for in poetry and the poetry he translates and includes in this collection.