Sobre Kerry Shawn Keys

(IWP 1991 and 1993) Born in the US, has taught in Brazil and India, and now lives in Lithuania where he has been a Fulbright lecturer at Vilnius University. He is a poet, editor and translator, with over 40 books to his credit, including translations from Portuguese, Czech, and Lithuanian. His most recent publications are Conversations With Tertium Quid, Blue Rose Fusion, and Broken Circle, as well as a CD of his poetry readings with the jazz percussionist Vladimir Tarasov. He received the 1992 Winner Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America, a Translation Laureate Award from the Lithuanian Writers Union in 2003 and, in 2005, a NEA Literature Fellowship.

João Cabral de Melo Neto

João Cabral de Melo Neto is arguably the most important poet in Brazilian poetry and poetics ever, but certainly in the period after WWII until the closing of the Millennium. There are, perhaps, poets with a wider range, whose oeuvre may better speak to future generations, but João Cabral’s poems cut like a knife through the fat and rhetoric of Brazilian poetry, and still exercise a brilliant and substantial influence on Portuguese letters. Much of his skill was honed on Iberian poetry, but he also expressed a dry and spare sensibility straight from the sertão of the parched Northeast region he hailed from.