A última entrevista de Oswald de Andrade

Falou-me da desesperança literária que o assaltou um dia. “Durante algum tempo no Brasil”, contava-me, “a ausência de valores tornou-se de uma maneira tal, que quase suicidei-me literariamente. Mais tarde melhorou”, prosseguiu, “surgiram elementos realmente de valor, apareceu a poesia de Vinicius de Moraes, surgiu Paulo Mendes Campos. Sérgio Milliet continuava a ser o maior informante do Brasil, produto de seus esforços como estudioso de tudo e de todos.

Anthropophagic Manifesto

Against all catechizations. And against the mother of the Gracchi. I am only interested in what is not mine. Law of man. Law of the anthropophagus. We are tired of all the distrustful Catholic husbands put in drama. Freud finished off the woman-enigma and other dreads of printed psychology. The one thing that trampled over truth was clothing, the impermeable layer between the inner world and the outer world. Reaction against the clad man. American movies will tell. Children of the sun, mother of the living. Fiercely met and loved, with all the hypocrisy of longing, by immigrants, slaves and tourists. In the country of the cobra grande.


  On the occasion of the discovery of Brazil scapulary In Our Daily Sugar Loaf Give us Lord Our Poetry Oath  (Another translation: Give us Lord Our Sugar Loaf In our Daily Poetry)  speech Cabralism. The civilization of the grantees. The Homeland and Exports. Carnival. The Backland and the Shanties. Brazilwood. Barbarianly ours.  A rich […]