Sobre Pedro Eiras

É formado em Jornalismo pela UFRJ, onde estudou mundos virtuais, e em Literatura pela University of Massachusetts, Amherst, onde estudou literatura, teatro e se especializou em Film Studies. Teve contos publicados no Brasil e no exterior, e adaptou para o teatro o clássico da literatura cabo-verdeana Os Flagelados do Vento Leste, de Manuel Lopes.

The Art of Adaptation

We, human beings, have been adapting since the dawn of time. We’ve adapted to live in the most diverse ecosystems and under the most different social-political regimes. There are humans who live in the scalding heat of the Sahara desert and in the paralyzing cold of the Antarctic region. There are humans who survive in the midst of the sprawling Amazon jungle and between the towering cement jungle of Manhattan. There are humans who have endured unimaginable hatred and who have thrived against insurmountable challenges. We, as a species, are all about evolving, changing and adapting. If there’s one art we’ve collectively mastered, is the art of adaptation.