The continuing imprisonment of Li Bifeng

Following the appeal, a copy of which is attached below, and in regard to the continuing imprisonment of Li Bifeng, the international literary festival berlin (ilb) is hereby calling artists and intellectuals, schools and universities, radio and TV stations, theatres and other cultural institutions to join us for a worldwide reading in solidarity with Li Bifeng to take place on the 4th of June 2013.

在中共帝國十八大閉幕之際,地下詩人李必豐被判12年重刑,我們認為這是一個危險的倒退 信號。
李必豐和作家廖亦武相識於四川省第三監獄,當時的大墻內,二十多名六四政治犯中,唯有 他倆因酷愛文學而臭味相投,雖然在寫作理念上時有衝突,但彼此的密切交往,卻一直延續