#Hillarious  #Incredibility #2017 Goingfwd: 2ward a fMotherland under Deconstruction Some Realtime Musings Between Now and Then 119 After Cecilia Corrigan’s Motherland 2016 @ ISSUE Project Room, December 3, 2016, 8pm, NYC, NYC, USA, tbc Kyoo Lee    >> “A Political Witch-Hunt” >> “Lock her up” lock her up locker up & down […]

Paolo Leminski, tr. Bernstein & Bonvicino

[untitled poem from Caprichos e Relaxos, 1983] My cut-off head Thrown in your window Moon-lit night Window Open Hits the wall Loses some teeth Falls to the bed Heavy with thought Maybe it’s scary Maybe you’ll blink Seeing by moon The color of my eyes Maybe you’ll think It’s just your alarm clock On the […]

João Cabral de Melo Neto (1920-1999)

One of the most important Brazilian poets of the postwar generations,Cabral continues to exert a strong influence on many younger Brazilian poets. As Régis Bonvincino writes to me about Cabral: “Along with Carlos Drummond de Andrade and Murilo Mendes, Cabral is considered the best poet of Brazilian Poetry born in the 20’s.” Cabral’s Selected Poetry: 1937-1990 is published […]

Anti-Humboldt: A Reading of the North American Free Trade Agreement (a bilingual excerpt)

by  Hugo García Manríquez from Litmus Press & Aldus English excerpt:  pdf Español extracto: pdf  pdf La introducción en español sigue al inglés. ON ANTI-HUMBOLDT (selections) In an article from 2010, “Alarma mundial por la violencia en México” (“World Alarm at Violence in Mexico”), Mexican journalist Marcela Turati cites the conclusions from a report […]

András Petőcz, from In a Ray of Sunlight

Full pamphlet, In a Ray of Sunlight, at EPC Digital Library (pdf) translated from Hungarian by Nathaniel Barratt (Budapest: Corvina Books, 2008 new york, madison avenue if you were to say new york, i’d say madison ave, it’s nighttime, i’m heading downtown towards 31st, i’m looking for a sandwich, or something, and have no idea how […]

Boating Douzetuor

Epilogue: 4 pm, I wake up. Rocking does it, a lilt. The picnic sun hits the starboard where I’m looking. It is a pendulum and soon I’m slumped over, Dribbling a paper umbrella on navy stripes. My girl’s wearing Jill St. John over her shoulder. The sail’s snapping as softly as a dish towel, Wicking […]

Criticality and Vertigo: An Interview with Régis Bonvicino

RB: Yes, I agree with this phrase from Ezra Pound. He was referring to the newspapers: you read an article you like and you keep it. A week later, you take it out and reread it. This is a concept of innovation I like because it has a basis on reality. A poem that was once innovative will always be useful for something, for making you think, etc…. But I do not use the concept of innovation as often as I used to. I am not that fond of the historical concepts of innovation anymore. Innovation needs to be redefined. I do not know exactly what “innovation” could mean, for example, in the United States, since they are, by definition, the land of innovation… So “innovation” has a specific meaning in the US, another one in Brazil, yet another one in Sweden, in China… Innovation is a relative concept and can become a contradiction if it is conceived as a tradition.

Jet Ni: A New Year Round Robin from Myanmar

A most auspicious mingala new year to dear dear friends of Myanmar! The English New Year is the anniversary of Jet Ni’s father’s suicide. You might recall father ate fertilizer two years ago, when a crony businessman seized our ancestral land to make room for Mingala Hotel. Jet Ni now works for Mingala Hotel as […]