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Emma Bee Bernstein photos

A selection from the show “Emma Bee Bernstein: An Imagined Space” at the Janet Kurnatowski Gallery in Brooklyn, New York,  March-April 2011.
The show was curated by Phong Bui and Linnea Kniaz.
More information here.
Note: the prints were not titled by the artist.
The descriptive titles have been added for identification.

“Marianna in pink bathroom mirror,” 2007

“Anat, autumn reflection,” 2006

“Self-portrait, deranged toilette,” 2007

“Jill with Art Nouveau print and mirror,” 2007

“Jill lying down at water’s edge,” 2005

Emma Bee Bernstein  Courtney-forest-at-nightfall

“Courtney, forest at nightfall,” 2006

“Gabi and Antonia on couch,” 2006

“Jill and roommate by the window,” 2006

“Chrissie in yellow,” 2007

“Antonia in the flowered closet,” 2006

“Jill against the brown door,” 2006

“Jill with glass,” 2006

“Antonia in clown suit,” 2006

“Self-portrait in white tights by stair,” 2007

“Gabi on the coach,” 2006

“Self-portrait in floral turban,” 2007

“Self-portrait with yellow wall,” 2007

“Self-portrait crouching with plaster wall,” 2006

“Self-portrait in red rose dress in green garden,” 2007

“Self-portrait with change machine and pearls,” 2006