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Jean-Dany Joachim, from Haiti


Before dawn
The carnage started,
My city fainted.
Heavy machines sneaked in
And seized the roads,
The stones howled,
The houses,
The beds,
The windows,
The tables,
And shrank-shrank,
And dark came again.
The air stopped breathing.


It just happens
I love you
Please don’t ask me why
I don’t know
It just happens
I love you too
Please don’t ask me why
I don’t know either

One spoken poem

Image: Prosper Pierre Louis
Image: Prosper Pierre Louis

 Sobre Jean-Dany Joachim

The current poet populist of Cambridge, MA. He  grew up among poets in his native Port-au-Prince, Haiti. His writing found its voice in the never-ending, complex reality of his country. After moving to the United States nearly two decades ago, he began writing in English, while at the same time exploring poetry in other languages. Jean-Dany has translated poetry from and into: Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, and English. He is the author of Chen Plenn – Leta, and his work has appeared in anthologies and numerous literary magazines. He is a current staff and adjunct professor at Bunker Hill Community College.