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Notícias de Charles Bernstein

Ted  Greenwald and I wrote The Course during the last year of his life. He was house- and hospital-bound that year, as he had been for a time before that. We went back and forth, line for line sometimes, a couple of times in person, otherwise email. 12,000 lines, 81 poems, 350 pages. New from ROOF, available at SPD ($20). 



Poetry Month Will Come a Little Late This Year,” a new essay for University of Chicago Press. Chicago is offering a 30% discount on e-books, including Near/Miss, Pitch of Poetry, Recalculating, Girly Man, and My Way: Speeches and PoemsUse code EBOOK30! The audiobook of Near/Miss is available from Audible.Com 

Doubletalking the Homophonic Sublime: Comedy, Appropriation, and the Sounds of One Hand Clapping” (free pdf of essay) 

James Shivers, Charles Bernstein /  American Innovator –– More Numerous of: A Kinetic Approach, introduction by Richard Deming (free pdf of book)

Retirement celebration, UPenn, 4/4/19 (video, audio, book).

Republics of Reality: 1975-1995 (free pdf of book). 

EPC Digital Edition of Artifice of Absorption

On Whitman’s Preface to Leaves of Grass 

An Mosaic for Convergence” (reboot of 1998 hypertext essay) 

 Optic Nerve videos by Colin Still, London, Nov. 25, 2019