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Jennifer Sarah Frota

leaf feather petal

kingfisher pomegranate
tanagers splash
kiskadees in the banana leaves
as hummingbirds honeysuckle
Atlantic Rainforest under cobblestones
& industrious ants of all sizes

a long way from cherry blossoms
in the year of the rooster
while crow pigeon sparrow
chase down Grant at Chestnut
past ladies, past dragons
through the oily coffee smoke
roasting beans
& dim sum steam

what call you from your northern garden?
storm petrel
in from the jersey shore
starling longing

a robin mouthful of chubby grubs
her breast so red her eggs so blue

a long way from the cormorants laughing
bobbing in the Pacific tide

oh to the singing, oh to the flying
this is the garden, this the garden

you in yours
and i in mine
and the play of the vines


um beijo santo augustino

á flor

do olho                                                      d’água

uma pétala                                               veluda

caiu da corola

num gesto puro                                       de admiração

d’água                                             cintilante

da alegria                      do vento

pelo                               desejo                  de voar

de sentir


porém, e                         se afoga

pedindo desculpas da                                 ousadia

ao descer

me desculpa

não acontecerá novamente

restaura-se a pureza do gesto

nos fundos

ao decompor num

solo denso, escuro

de onde mais tarde

é comida

pelos peixes

 Sobre Jennifer Sarah Frota

Born in El Centro, California, and currently resides in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. She received a Master’s of Comparative Literature from San Francisco State University, with an emphasis on Brazilian Literature and Translation at the University of California at Berkeley and USP. Her translations of Brazilian poetry and fiction appear in: The Magazine: Literary Journal of SFSU, New American Writing, (Oink! Press, editors Paul Hoover and Maxine Chernoff), The Pip Anthology of World Poetry of the 20th Century (Vol. 3)-Nothing the Sun Could Not Explain: 20 Contemporary Brazilian Poets (Green Integer, 2003), Sky-Eclipse, the poetry of Régis Bonvicino (Green Integer, 2002), Potiguar Rainforests: Nature and Surrealism, photos by Fernando Chiriboga.