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Unpublished poetry

From Work in progress titled “Plan B Audio”
retrofit faulty recall
12 step program
false totem etiquette
unforeseen shabby tragedy
advanced directive
flawed object           
holy water
infected tissue         
buyer’s remorse
tabloid sensitivities 
miniaturized and fragmented reverberation           
of massive proportions
executive order                   
belittling the moon
befitting a dragon    
estranged from oneself
dissociative states  
it’s a kind of life
in your smelly shirt    
in my melancholy privilege
i fall in love with the dragon
A frequent objection, dialogue
No, horizon as disgorging
Voice of luxury to be paid
Have a legitimate existence for a change
Sadly the transposed!
To conclude, unspoken
Walls my soul
Definitive steamer
Gardens every furrow
Faithfully my calm
Where beggar but by bit
Cruel desk
For berated shrine
Image for silverland
From deep inside my fur
(i look beautiful in this photograph
you can see all my labia clearly or most of them)
but the eyes of stars are hell
lugubrious somnolence
at what point are
people merely bellyaching
every day coifed rhinestones pucker up
a dead science of understanding
forming a sinkhole
irrepressible stasis
a sense of two
gold with grief
watched from thin lines
full enemy corpses
crowded with the damaged non-aligned
when the brazier of anger fires red
from which writers spill their words
closing now strong little basin running free
never was a need
a bark of silence
why so evergreen
waterwood / triumph
two big horses
in a red river
another valley without land
of the rocky looking
long, long range missile
compressed firearms dispensed by teardrops
rhymically unnameable storm
forces reason onto trash in orbit
colored tissue on my leg
a murderous understanding
today I’ll wake up
each of my meadows boarded up
squealing behind windows
a folly to be
gleaming of the finest blood
almanac engravings of future spirits
manifold dreary is very tall
by the endless timid potion
except blending province
of confinement proud
between blips and hurled sentiment
a gloomy oak tree
pinned to a wall
scrap metal in my head
a lucid cave, humble in its theater
your arctic charity
needles pierce my skin
which flipped the alarm switch
my vagina in triplicate
grammatical cuticle
saves face for rainy days
finery gets beyond
tastes good with yogurt
to prop up the government
at a steep angle
light speaks with the dead
urgent endless canonic weeping
economy size canine precipice
money cures cancer
weaponize your pet
a card carrying member
suffusing my body
all day long the loudspeakers
limber doohickey
starry night rearranges my ribs
to match your isolationist smile
serve with lemon
smell of social upheaval
compromising our mission
an unbalanced mind
subsidiary desiccated trumpet
toxic masculinity
of service to my dentures
garners coverage
fear of fleece, a brain alights on branches
engineered by the galaxy’s trajectory
through bruised stroma
deployed zilch
bleeding into the cold
robust decay
full of voices             nulled
i have no children and no acne
in my batty cage
sonorous secret agency
alter form.  blame repeat. 
sin bully.  altruistic motion.  wave
factors.  grinding form. 
root eager.  zietgiest blooms. 
warm bargain.  liquid phony. 
vinyl standard.  lesion sense.
obedient song.  blue siphon.   expunged self.
            orgy                            goose stepping
                        vacant lot
complex & dynamic fluids
non-stop action
                                               moving into the structure
with performance enhancing drugs