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Charles Bernstein and Régis Bonvicino (June 2006)


Brazil is located on the southern tears of the Americas

Brazil is a jungle with snakes who eat cakes

Brazil speaks Lebanese, Portuguese, Japanese, Guarnaríse, Tupiese, Inglese

Brazil is an adulterating medley of intoxicated syncopations

Brazil has no relationship with itself because it has a relation only to itself

Brazil lays its cool hands on your hot head

Brazil was colonized by Indians who turned the Portuguese into natives

Brazil’s Tolstoy is now doing tricks in a favela

Brazil is a land of palms and psalms

Brazil is the model of a model

Brazil is a charm bracelet that has become the necklace of the continent: São Paulo more European than St. Paul, Brazillia more bureaucratic than Geneva, Rio more alluring than Boca

“They’ve got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil”

In Brazil, the cuckoo sings “macaw, macaw, macaw”

Brazil is private property of no man’s God and no woman’s Fury

The patron saint of Brazil is its dreams, just as is its Devil

Brazil is a carioca not a polka

Brazil is Carmen Miranda’s Tutti Frutti hats, Caetano Veloso’s all-weather tropicalismo, Bebel Gilberto’s number on the charts.

Brazil is the Elis and Tom “Waters of March” International Airport and Spa

Brazil is caipirinha with feijoada (caipira with fedora)

Brazil is home of the cassava or tapioca, what you call yuca, or mandioca or aipim or moogo or macaxeira or singkong or tugi or balinghoy or manioc

Brazil is the black mask of the PCC inscribed with the words traitor, betrayer

Brazil is 186 million stories, 186,000 poems, but only these definitions

Put your stocks in Brazil and your bonds in China, or is it the other way around?

Brazil is a figment of the imagination of the Amazon

If Pelé is poet laureate of Brazil, without ever writing a word, then Ronaldo Gaúcho

is the Nijinsky, without ever having set foot in the Ballet Russe

Brazil is not emerging it’s proliferating

The official religion of Brazil is not just samba but macumba and umbanda, tarantella and churrasco

Candomblé is the Brazil wood of world philosophy

Brazil is Fred & Ginger Flying Down to Rio with Dolores Del Rio

Under the veneer of its vivacity, Brazil is violent, a vile viper playing a violet viola.

In Brazil, anything goes for a chance, for a price, for a piece, for a dance, for a fight, for a night; jeitinho brasileiro is born free but everywhere in chains

Brazil’s face never shows its heart even when they are identical

Brazil stars Bob Hoskins, Jonathan Pryce, and Robert DeNiro

Brazil was written by Terry Gilliam and Tom Stoppard

Brazil is concrete and syncretic

Brazil is impenetrable and forgiving

Brazil is cannibalizing and carnivallizing

Brazil is a baroque barcarolle with a bossa nova beat

Brazil’s Lula is a little loco, but not as loco as Lucy

On Ipanema beach, at the very moment when dusk turns to night, you can hear Orpheus singing for Eurydice; he sings an elegy called Brazil

In Brazil, the real is the only currency that counts

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