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Day after day

I add, subtract,  
crouch towards the dunes,
towards my Normandy
on the beach.

There I will lie still,
a wind dying down in my head.

The red and white lighthouse


this is the day

this is the who

this who is what

what is this who

however is this who

whatever is this who’s

how and the day

this is the how of day

this is the who of how

what is this who’s how

this who is what

this is the who

this is the day..

5 July 2006


‘Have you put the garbage out?’

The smell of forgotten years.


Joop Bersee

in the train
where’s that,
which side
of the door
what you
call home
as we are
lending a life,
intimate, slack,
rent a life,
a mother,
a father,
put money
into your slot,
running outta coins
and bury
the fever
of steel, mortar,
walls and more walls,
to survive
the cruellest
toughest bones
becoming bones,
ferns, huge ferns,
amazing ferns
in a book.

December 26, 2007

Joop Bersee was born in The Netherlands in 1958. In 1982 he started writing poetry (some of which was published) and settled in South Africa in 1989 where he began to write in English. His poetry has been published in South Africa, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and India (in a translation). Joop currently lives in The Netherlands and is the founder/editor of ‘Southern Rain Poetry’, South Africa’s refreshing poetry site (by invitation only). It contains new and previously published work by some of South Africa’s leading poets.  Joop is married to Sandy and they have a daughter, Jessica-Anne.

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