Mário Pedrosa: Primary Documents

Mário Pedrosa: Primary Documents levou dez anos para ser editado e publicado. Agora publicado é um fato sem precedentes na história da arte brasileira, entretanto,  NINGUÉM, nenhum museu brasileiro o celebrou, nenhum crítico de arte brasileiro o resenhou, o que dá – com certeza –  a medida da situação precária da cultura brasileira.   Editor(s): Gloria Ferreira, Paulo Herkenhoff Published: 2015 Pages: 464 Illustrations: 72 illustrations, incl. 32 in color Sales/Territorial Rights: World Series: MoMA Primary Documents Description This latest volume in MoMA’s Primary Documents series provides an anthology of the writings of Mário Pedrosa, Brazil’s preeminent critic of art, culture, and politics and one of Latin America’s most frequently cited public intellectuals. It is the first publication to provide comprehensive English translations of Pedrosa’s writings, which are indispensable to understanding Brazilian art of the twentieth century. Included texts range from art and architectural criticism and theory to political writings as well as correspondence with his artistic and political interlocutors, among them such luminaries as André Breton, Alexander Calder, Lygia Clark, Ferreira Gullar, Oscar Niemeyer, Hélio Oiticica, Pablo Picasso, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Harald Szeeman, and Leon Trotsky. The book also features newly-commissioned essays by important scholars in the field that contextualize central themes of Pedrosa’s writing and […]