Sobre Mercedes Roffé

(Buenos Aires, 1954) Has published seven poetry collections, the most recent La ópera fantasma (Buenos Aires, 2005). A comprehensive anthology of her work (Milenios caen de su vuelo. Poemas 1978-2003) has appeared recently in Spain. In translation, her poetry has been published in Italy (L’algebra oscura, 2004), Quebec (Définitions mayas et autres poèmes, 2004), and Romania (Teoria culorilor, Bucharest, 2006). Selections of her work translated into English have appeared in US journals such as Chain, The Literary Review (Global New Yorkissue, edited by Leonard Schwartz), A*Baccus, Rattapallax, and the Exact Change Yearbook 1995 (edited by Peter Gizzi). In 1998, she founded Pen Press, Plaquettes de Poesía, a series of contemporary poetry chapbooks and broadsides. She divides her time between New York and Buenos Aires, her hometown. Among other distinctions, she was awarded a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in Poetry (2001).

Sibila, lugares contemporâneos da poesia: Mercedes Roffé

Mercedes Roffé: nascida em Buenos Aires, em 1954, é poeta, tradutora e editora.  Publicou: Poemas (Madri: Síntesis, 1977), El tapiz (com o heterônimo Ferdinand Oziel; Buenos Aires: Tierra Baldía, 1983), Cámara baja (Buenos Aires: Último Reino, 1987; Chile: Cuarto Propio, 1996), La noche y las palabras (Buenos Aires: Bajo la luna llena, 1996; Chile: Cuarto Propio, 1998), Definiciones Mayas (New York: Pen Press, 1999), Antología poética (Caracas: Pequeña Venecia, 2000), Canto errante (Buenos Aires: tsé-tsé, 2002), Memorial de agravios (Córdoba. Alción, 2002), a antologia Milenios caen de su vuelo (Tenerife: Colección Atlántica de Poesía, 2005), La ópera fantasma (Buenos Aires: Bajo la luna, 2005), Las linternas flotantes (Buenos Aires: Bajo la luna, 2009), La interrogación incesante. Entrevistas 1996-2012 (Madrid: Amargord, Colección Once, 2013) e Carcaj: Vislumbres (Madrid/México: Vaso Roto, 2014).

Poems by Mercedes Roffé

My fate
is to bear in my soul
a white, sterile forest
nothingness in my eyes
and in my hands
the hoop that hangs me

a nest on my head forces
my birth

meanwhile, a crow
waits for the dawn
to break the spell
that joins its gaze and mine.