Sixty Five

1) I can’t walk across the room without forgetting why I wanted to do that, what I was after. I arrive at the other end of the room, I do not know why I am there, I can’t tell in what precise sense I am there, is it some sort of trick, an illusion?
2) I am upstairs, I don’t know why. Finding myself at this new level, I wonder whether I ought to be here, and why, and whether it actually is another level in relation.

Masking and Unmasking: On Jewish Identity (Purim/Makor Or)

Our theme for today is Purim, Masking and Unmasking, and the more I thought about this theme the deeper and more complicated it got.  As I was preparing for this talk I was also reading a biography of Baruch Spinoza, maybe the greatest of all Jewish philosophers, and his story became mixed up in my mind with the story of Mordechai and Esther and Haman.