two new poems

What nothings of such remote
rays shine out? Or were there more?
multiplied and lifting as if to participate
among the empty glasses. Fill mine please.
Count fifteen at a table, true angels
that gossip about the golden days
that are the explanation of all our current
blight. Let us spread out now in remembering.
We laugh, split out pants
into little haws that we forget
we used to find so disgusting.

On Abraham Sutzkever

HUSH AND TRAVAIL IN MEMORY ABRAHAM SUTZKEVER (JULY 15, 1913 – JANUARY 20, 2010) Abraham Sutzkever Selected Poetry and Prose, translated from the Yiddish by Barbara and Benjamin Harshav, with an Introduction by Benjamin Harshav (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1991) Abraham Sutzkever—who died early this year on January 20th at the age of 96—was, […]

Returning to the Closet (on Raymond Federman)

On Tuesday, October 6, 2009, Raymond Federman died in his San Diego home at the age of 81.

I published—or more correctly, I republished—two books by Ray, The Twofold Vibration in 2000, a fiction first published in 1982 by Indiana University Press, and, six years earlier on Sun & Moon, Smiles of Washington Square, first published by Thunder’s Mouth Press in 1985.

Poet Robert Blaser

The death on May 7, 2009 of American-Canadian poet Robin Blaser sent me to my office shelf where I keep books waiting to be read. For three years Blaser’s collected essays had burned its presence into my eyes, but only now, six months after his death, have I actually found the time to read this important book.

Memória: o lançamento de nothing the sun could not explain

Fui a São Paulo, em maio de 1997, para lançar a antologia Nothing the sun could not explain:20 contemporary Brazilian Poets, publicada por mim, pela Sun & Moon, neste mesmo ano, e editada por Michael Palmer, Régis Bonvicino e Nelson Ascher. O trabalho nos tomou dois anos e meio antes de vir a público.A antologia […]