On Tony Trehy’s SPACE

SPACE / THE SOLDIER WHO DIED FOR PERSPECTIVE * To ‘put things in perspective’ would be to see them in relation to ‘something else’, but since (at least so far) there is always ‘something else’ in relation to which anything (else) might be juxtaposed/‘put’, it seems no ‘clarification’ (of whatever it is)(but furtherdifficulty only ?) […]

A TESTAMENT (Martin Richet / Robert Creeley, “Figure of Outward”)

(Robert Grenier wrote the following text in response to Martin Richet’s request for an introduction to ROBERT CREELEY Là: poèmes 1968-1975 (Editions Héros-Limite, Geneva). MR thanked RG for his contribution, but subsequently informed RG that the publisher had declined to use the introduction due to limitations of space. –Editors) – for Pen (!) How ‘important’ these works, […]